Pen-y-bont-fawr photos

Added a gallery from a race 10 months ago! This is particularly slack of me, they were residing on my personal site and it's taken me a while to put them in the right place!

Go to the gallery: 30th April 2006: Midlands 2006 DH Round 2 @ Pen-y-bont-fawr

- Seb Frost, 23rd February 2007

Site updates

Have processed a bunch of updates today:

  • Corrected some names (fixed spelling mistakes, combined variations where suitable e.g. Rich/Richard)
  • Added comments functionality
  • Added previous/next links
  • Added view-count functionality
  • Improved the search engine optimisation URLs

- Seb Frost, 18th February 2007

First new photos...

Took my 30d for it's first outing down at Rogate today. Wasn't a great success - I've now learnt that the LCD makes photos look a lot better than they actually are, amateur mistake!

The shots were looking so nice on the LCD that I decided not to use the flash and see what quality of shots I could get without flash-lighting. Combine that with a fairly dark day and the results are nothing special - the few shots where I did use the flash were much better! Ah well, 'tis all a learning curve eh!

More: Rogate photos

- Seb Frost, 27th January 2007

Raceshoot is back!

After a 5-year break I will be resuming taking photos this year. If you're a mountain bike racer in the UK (England and Wales especially) the chances are I'll have you on (digital) film by the end of the year!

In the meantime have a browse of past events (both downhill and cross-country) or try searching the photos for yourself or a friend if you were on the “race scene” in 2001. Additionally I have composed a couple of lists sorting photos by rider and by sponsor.

Oh, and if anyone has a copy of the results for the Donhead race at Downton that took place on 1st July 2001 that'd let me complete the naming of the photos! Please let me know.

- Seb Frost, 23rd January 2007